30 Ways to Practise Self-Care

30 Ways to Practice Self Care

Self-care is all about listening to what you want and taking the time to look after your own needs. Take a break from your busy life and work out what will make you feel good. Sometimes it’s to relax, sometimes to indulge, sometimes to get moving, and sometimes to be creative. Whatever works for you, we hope some of the ideas in this list inspire you to practice self-care today!

1. Re-read a favourite book

We all know the books – those old favourites you turn to again and again. They cheer us up when we’re sick or sad, they always make us laugh, and their familiarity and warmth make them feel like old friends.

2. Light a scented candle

We’re sensory beings, and a beautiful scent filling our home can do wonders for our mood. There are scents for all kinds of preferences now – find one you love!

3. Go to bed early

When you’re busy it can be tempting to stay up late trying to get things done. But make a special effort to go to bed early occasionally – you’ll start the next day feeling refreshed and ready to be far more productive.

4. Meditate

You don’t need to be a guru to practice meditation! If you can, try a free class, or download a meditation app to help you learn how to calm your mind and introduce you to breathing techniques. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make in your life.

5. Make yourself a cup of tea

Our grandmothers knew the magical properties of a hot cup of tea, and more and more we are embracing this greatest of hot beverages. The perfect way to start and end the day.

6. Buy yourself flowers

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day and smelling a gorgeous bouquet as soon as you walk in the door. Fresh flowers are sure to brighten your mood.

7. Stretch

Whether you’re a full-blown yogi or can’t touch your toes, your body will feel the benefits of stretching. Look up some simple positions if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and feel that tightness in your muscles relax.

8. Eat something indulgent

Are you a sweet tooth, or addicted to cheese? Dipped in chocolate, or deep-fried? Cake, nachos, burgers, donuts… whatever you love, indulge yourself as a treat!

9. Go for a swim

Doing laps isn’t for everyone, but being in water can be soothing. Float on your back, look up at the sky and let the world disappear for a while.

10. Turn off your phone

We feel a lot of pressure to be available all the time – for our work, our families, and all the other responsibilities we have. But taking some time, even just an hour, to put our phones and emails away and just sit down with a book can do wonders.

11. Spend time with people you love

We’re all busy and it can sometimes feel like catching up with a friend is an appointment you need to schedule a month in advance. But the people who know us best are also the people who we are most likely to laugh and relax with.

12. Cuddle up under a blanket

There’s just something about tucking a warm blanket around you, snuggling in, and reading in your warm little cocoon. Especially when it’s cold and wet outside!

13. Exfoliate

A good body scrub will have you feeling new and fresh – your skin will thank you!

14. Spend a little time away from social media

We all love seeing what everyone else is up to, and online communities are amazing. But it’s important to spend some time in the real world as well. Remember you can’t post about the great books you’re reading if you don’t make time to read them!

15. Make a meal you enjoy

Do you like the challenge of a new recipe? The creativity of making it up as you go along? Or just throwing a couple of ingredients in a pan and making something delicious? Whatever it is, make yourself a home-cooked meal – or make it to share with others too!

16. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure

A great nail polish can complete an outfit, and we all love looking down at our fingers or toes and seeing a pretty colour. Take the time to give yourself the full treatment with a foot scrub, moisturize, and buff.

17. Go outside

If you’re like us, you spend too much time inside at a desk! That’s the reality of modern life for most people, but it’s important to get outside as much as you can, breathe some fresh air, and let the sunshine on your face.

18. Watch a favourite movie

They’re the films that always got chosen at high school sleepovers – there are some movies that you’ll always love watching, even when you can recite every line. Make a night of it with some popcorn and a glass of wine!

19. Give yourself a facial

You don’t need to go to a fancy salon to get your skin feeling fantastic – spend an evening giving yourself a facial at home! Or, invite over a girlfriend and do it for each other. Selfies with a mask on are a must.

20. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

They’ll love hearing from you, and a good catch-up on everything that’s been going on might be just what you need to get through a stressful week. You’ll be laughing over personal jokes in no time.

21. Have a bath

Soaking in the tub until the water starts to get cold – what could be better? We love a bath with bubbles, a bath bomb, bath salts, and all the trimmings!

22. Diffuse some essential oils

Essential oils can help with sleep and anxiety and are a natural way to bring a beautiful scent into your home.

23. Spend time with animals

Something soft and furry is almost always guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

24. Read inspiring quotes

If you’re feeling flat or unmotivated, a few words can bring you right up again. Be invigorated and feel ready for anything.

25. Go for a walk

A walk is perfect for moving your body and clearing your head. Just a quick lap around your block will do wonders.

26. Listen to music you loved as a teenager

They say the music we loved when we were fourteen stays with us forever – guess we’ll never get over boy bands then! It might make you cringe a bit, but you’ll remember all the words and be jumping on your bed and singing into your hairbrush in no time.

27. Organise your jewellery box or makeup case

We tend to accumulate a lot more stuff than we need, and it makes it harder to find the stuff we want! Throw away those empty tubes of mascara, and donate that necklace you never wear anymore. And in the process, you might rediscover an old favourite, or decide that shade of lipstick does look good on you after all.

28. Write in a journal

You don’t need to commit to writing in a journal every day – just occasionally writing down a few notes about your day, a list of things you feel grateful for, or your plans for the future can be a valuable exercise.

29. Look at something beautiful

It might be a piece of artwork that really speaks to you, a photo of a place you love, or the sunrise in the morning. Take the time to look at something that makes you feel good.

30. Make something

Get creative – and don’t worry if it’s bad! A DIY project that keeps our minds and hands busy can be the perfect thing to relax. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece or even kept afterward; it’s the process that matters.

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