Phantom Ghost Quartz Tumbles


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Size: 2-4cm

Weight Range: 8-16g

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To earn the ghostly name of Phantom Quartz, the crystal must have been interrupted during its growth.

This interruption creates concentrated mineral deposits that look like spectres within the stone.

This means that no two Phantom Quartz crystals are the same.

Phantom Quartz is renowned for its ability to bring balance to the body.

As a crown chakra crystal, part of its job is to regulate the flow of energy from the root to the crown. In doing so, it naturally brings harmony to the subtle energies.

It’s said to stabilize the yin and yang, making you more aware of your partner’s needs in a relationship.


Crystals come in all different shapes and sizes, they are also natural and will vary stone by stone.
Your crystal tumble will be intuitively chosen for you.
Please note our crystals are 100% genuine and natural crystals.

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