16oz (475ml) Libbey Frosted Glass Can


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Witchy Sublimated 16oz Libbey Glass Frosted Cans


A magical and complete drinkware experience that’s perfect for anyone who appreciates the mystical.

These Libbey glass cans are adorned with enchanting, sublimated witchy themes and come with a versatile assortment of straws, making your sipping experience even more extraordinary.

**Key Features:**

1. **Witchy Sublimated Designs:** Each 16oz Libbey Glass Frosted Can in this set features sublimated witchy themes that add a touch of mystique and enchantment to your drinkware collection. These captivating designs are perfect for those who appreciate the esoteric and magical.

2. **Frosted Glass Finish:** The frosted glass finish not only looks elegant but also adds a layer of insulation, keeping your cold beverages cooler for longer. The tactile quality of the frosted texture enhances your drinking experience.

3. **Durable Libbey Glass:** Crafted from high-quality Libbey glass, these cans are known for their durability and clarity. They’re perfect for daily use and are a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

4. **Perfect 16oz Capacity:** With a generous 16oz capacity, these glass cans are just the right size for your favorite cold beverages. Whether you’re sipping on iced tea, soda, or a magical potion of your own, these cans can hold it all.

5. **Assorted Straws:** To enhance your drinking experience, this set includes one glass straw, one metal straw, and one plastic straw. This versatility allows you to choose the straw that suits your preferences.

6. **Straw Cleaner:** Keeping your straws clean is a breeze with the included straw cleaner. This handy tool ensures that you can enjoy your drinks without worrying about hygiene.

7. **Easy to Clean:** The Libbey Glass Frosted Cans and the assorted straws are easy to clean and maintain. Just hand wash with a clean cloth.


8. **Witchy Vibes Everywhere:** These witchy-themed glass cans are perfect for themed parties, Halloween gatherings, or simply to add a dash of enchantment to your everyday drinkware. They’re great conversation starters and a wonderful way to showcase your love for all things mystical.


Elevate your beverage experience with our Witchy Sublimated 16oz Libbey Glass Frosted Cans Set. Embrace the magic within, raise a toast to the mystical, and enjoy your favorite drinks with a touch of enchantment.

This set offers a complete and versatile drinking solution, making it perfect for every witch and wizard.

Add some witchy vibes to your next drink today!

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